Now what?

Wow. I have this sort-of empty feeling now that the challenge is over. Once I published that last entry I just didn't know what to do with myself (so, of course, I went back to reading and finished up Storm Glass).

Anyway, there are two reasons for this post:

1) To let you know that I enjoyed putting more time into my blog so much that I made a resolution to post every day this summer (well, every day I have access to a computer, so I guess every day this summer minus a week and a few scattered days). Hopefully this will be made easier as I plan to partake in the weekly memes In My Mailbox (on Sunday), Teaser Tuesday, and Waiting on Wednesday, plus I have my usual Feed Your Ears post on Friday. And of course, this weekend put me ahead on reading, so getting reviews up shouldn't be too difficult for the next couple of weeks.

2) To let you know about some great contests going on with deadlines coming up soon.

First contest: If you missed out on winning a copy of Waiting for You during Susane Colasanti's blog tour, here's another chance for you. Hosted by Amanda at her blog A Patchwork of Books, you not only have a chance to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Waiting for You, but also an ARC of one of Susane Colasanti's earlier works, Take Me There (not to mention that the second place prize also includes both, just without the autograph). Sweet deal, right? You just have to head over there by the end of the night, so get on it!

Second contest: Kidlit has a huge giveaway contest going on here where you have the chance to win one of these three hot books (just one, so you've got to think and pick carefully!): Catching Fire, Shiver, and Along for the Ride. All quite sought after (especially Catching Fire, it seems), so you'll want to check that out. This contest seems to require a bit more effort, but I'd say it's surely worth it.

Third contest: Lauren (of Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf) is holding a contest to win an ARC of A Sweet Disorder by Jacqueline Kolosov. Check out the contest over here since who doesn't like some good historical fiction (plus, the cover looks great)?


  1. You won a set of Susane Colastani books...thanks so much for entering!! It's the non-autographed copies, but still great right?? Email me as soon as you can with your mailing info and I'll get them in the mail.

    I wasn't aware of your blog until you entered, but now I'm going to follow. Any read-a-thon entrant is a friend of mine! MAN I'm tired!

  2. Thanks! I'm headed over to your blog now!