Feed Your Ears V: Before Midnight and More

I've been in a fairy tale-ish mood lately so I've decided to go with this twist on the classic Cinderella.

Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

1. Once Upon a Time from The Princess Bride

2. Glass Slipper - The Dresden Dolls

3. Cinderella Story - Plain White T's

4. Prince Charming - The Flash Girls

5. Impossible/It's Possible from Cinderella

Also, on the topic of music, I encourage you all to check out the summer playlist of songs loved by bloggers and authors that Mya from Dissecting Perfection put together over here (complete with youtube links to the songs). I especially like number 9 - Sarah Ockler of Twenty Boy Summer selected Wilco's California Stars (one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands; the acoustic version is the best, though).

So, on the subject of the rest of the blogosphere, today is the last day to enter the Beautiful Creatures/BC Book Club Contest: Eyes Like Stars and Swag Giveaway (well, really the BC Book Club/FB Fan page/Castor Girls blog/Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl contest). There isn't a whole lot of time left, so head over there for your chance to win a pretty awesome ARC AND awesome swag that might even be more awesome, if that's possible (I mean, we're talking earrings, hair dye, lip gloss, stickers and more).

Also, if you're a Sarah Dessen fan as I am, check out Just Your Typical Book Blog's Sarah Dessen Extravaganza. Every Monday of June (and some other times too), they'll be giving away a copy of one of Sarah Dessen's novels so that by the time the end of the month rolls around they'll have give away a copy of EVERY book. Sweet, right? Right now the giveaways are for This Lullaby (admittedly my favorite, deadline June 14th) and Along For The Ride (deadline June 15th). So, check it out!

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