48 Hour Book Challenge: Update 1

My first update:

1PM-3:45PM: Reading Hunted
3:45PM-4:30PM: Break to teach violin lesson
4:30PM-5:30PM: Reading Hunted - FINISHED
5:30-6:00: Blogging here with update and review

Time: 4.25 hours
Books: 1: Hunted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
Pages: 323

My thoughts on Hunted, a mini-review of sorts:

I have to say I'm addicted to the House of Night series. I want the next one NOW. Number five is certainly worth the extra money for a hardcover (plus the jacket is awesome as BOTH sides are printed). I love the role poetry plays in this installment and really like seeing the characters develop, such as seeing a softer side to Aphrodite. My only complaint is that there are TOO MANY GUYS for Zoey. I mean, Erik, Heath, AND Stark? I can't even decide who I want her to end up with because it's gotten to the point where they're just overwhelming, especially since Zoey has shown absolutely progress in making up her mind. I'm hoping that number six takes care of this a bit (and as I like all of the guys, I hope it does so in a Person X-finds-another-love sort of way rather than a Zoey-breaks-their-heart sort of way). 8 out of 10.

On to reading! I'm going with Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars Volume 1 by Frank Beddor next (I'm not sure if I'm super excited, but it has been sitting in a pile on my floor with a nice little note from the publisher for a while, so I figure I might as well try it now).

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