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First of all, much love to author Laura Resau for not only linking to my review of Red Glass, but sharing my review with the readers of her blog. :)

And since I've stopped being a lazy butt and have finally started working my way down the long checklist of things I have to write, I have finally finished said review by writing my own summary. You can find the entire review here, but for those of you just wondering what Red Glass is about, look no further:

High school student Sophie had no idea how much her life would change after her family received a phone call, bringing them to a nearby hospital. There they found the six-year-old Pablo, the only survivor of a group of Mexicans attempting to cross the Arizona border. The young Pablo quickly becomes a member – Sophie’s Principito, her Little Prince. A year later, contact is made with Pablo’s remaining family, and so Sophie joins her Aunt Dika, Dika’s boyfriend Mr. Lorenzo, and Mr. Lorenzo’s son Angel on a journey to rejoin Pablo with the only family he has left. Along the way, Sophie is torn knowing the decision Pablo must make and recognizing the risks she faces by allowing herself to get close to Angel.

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