Just returned, but gone again

Hey everyone. I know I only got back earlier this week, but I have to say goodbye again (only for one week though!). This time, I'm headed to California for a week (to visit the boyfriend who's being stupid and studying abroad all fall). I'm hoping blogger will actually cooperate this time around, so that there are posts every day for you guys. Since I feel bad leaving again, especially so soon, I've made sure to have lots of interesting stuff going up while I'm gone... reviews for After by Amy Efaw and Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev, an interview (my first!) with Amy Efaw, and a guest post by Lisa Mantchev (a playlist for Eyes Like Stars). Plus, because I was so excited to find that while I was gone, I hit 100 posts and reached 75 followers, I will be announcing a special contest next week so stay tuned :D

1 comment:

  1. You sure are gone a lot. Looking forward to your reviews!