The Happiest Place in the World

Hello lovlies. So, as sad as I am to say goodbye to my blog for a week, I am super super super excited to be going to Disney. Some people seem to think that once you're like over 13 it's no longer cool to go to Disney World, but I think they're stupid. I mean, I love that my mom is in love with Disney because it means we head to Florida every couple of summers and I get to see lots of Disney princesses. And of course I get to spend time pretending I tan. But anyway, I'm sure you're not interested in my ramblings (*breaks out into Led Zeppelin's Ramble On*). I've set up posts for every day that I'm gone so it will almost be like I'm really here. Except not quite because I won't be contactable (is that a word?) until next Monday night. I'm going to try to borrow my Dad's laptop to check emails quickly a few times while we're away so if there's something important I'll probably see, but in general you won't hear from me again for real for a week. Soooo... yes. That's all.


  1. Hey, I hope you have a lot of fun. My dad, big sister, and I went when I was 12. I had sooo much fun and you will too. Forget what others say, I think it is totally awesome that you are getting to go. When I went, it was around Christmas and so everything was all decked out for the Holidays, which was really cool. I'd love to go again someday. Have fun and take plenty of pictures so you can do a post when you get back. I want to hear all about it. :D


  2. I hope you have fun! But who doesn't have fun in Disney? I never went there but it IS the happiest place on earth! :)


  3. Disney World! Have fun! I just went there for Christmas, and I'm over 13. I definitely think Disney is a place for all ages. Heck, my grandma loves it there. Hope you have a great time there! Be sure to try the new Toy Story attraction- it's a blast. At least in my opinion. :) And Everest if you're into roller coasters.

    - Alex