They like me! They really like me!

First, I want to thank J. Kaye! She's an incredible book blogger (one of the first I ever followed) and I am so honored that she chose to feature me last Friday (July 10th) as part of her 'A Book Blogger's New Discovery.' So again, thanks J. Kaye!

I've also found links to my reviews by two authors fairly recently (okay, so from June, but I only found them recently, so that counts, right?) and was so excited I just had to share. :)

The first mention of one of my reviews I found was by Jim C. Hines At the beginning of June, I reviewed the anthology Terribly Twisted Tales, and his story "The Red Path" was one of my favorites, so he linked to that review from his LJ.

Then, I found out that Malinda Lo has seen my review of Ash. I found one of her June twitter updates that quotes my review!

Thanks everyone!

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