Waiting on Wednesday: September 16

Title: The Indigo Notebook
Author: Laura Resau
Series: 1st in The Notebook series
US Release date: October 13, 2009

Summary (from GoodReads): Zeeta's life with her free-spirited mother, Layla, is anything but normal. Every year Layla picks another country she wants to live in. This summer they’re in Ecuador, and Zeeta is determined to convince her mother to settle down. Zeeta makes friends with vendors at the town market and begs them to think of upstanding, “normal” men to set up with Layla. There, Zeeta meets Wendell. She learns that he was born nearby, but adopted by an American family. His one wish is to find his birth parents, and Zeeta agrees to help him. But when Wendell’s biological father turns out to be involved in something very dangerous, Zeeta wonders whether she’ll ever get the chance to tell her mom how she really feels—or to enjoy her deepening feelings for Wendell.

Why I'm interested: First, I absolutely loved Laura Resau's writing in Red Glass. While the plot is entirely different, this book looks like it will have many of the same themes, which would be great. I also love to travel, so I really like Zeeta's background.

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  1. Ooh, I like that cover! I have yet to read Red Glass but I've only heard good things about it. I should probably check it out soon, right? :)