Interview with Carolyn MacCullough

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Carolyn MacCullough, author of Falling Through Darkness, Stealing Henry, Drawing the Ocean, and most recently, Once a Witch (read my review). Born in Connecticut, she has now moved on to a more exciting life reading, writing, and teaching in New York (not I’m jealous, of course).


KB: When did you know you wanted to be an author?
CM: Probably in 3rd grade. I won a short story contest for my story about a princess and a dragon and thought hey, this writing thing is fun. It took me awhile though (like 18 years) to stop writing about princesses and dragons!

KB: Why did you decide to write for young adults?
CM: I never consciously set out to write for young adults. I just wrote my first book, Falling Through Darkness, from the perspective of a 17 year old because that was the character in my head. That said, however, I've discovered that teens/young adults happen to be one of the most rewarding and inspirational audiences to write for.
KB: What inspired you to write Once a Witch?
CM: Oh, who doesn't dream of having a special talent or power that sets you apart from the rest of the world? Then I started thinking about a character who was an outcast in her own family since they were all extremely Talented while she was not. Or so she thinks at the beginning of the book...
KB: What sort of research went into your writing?
CM: Lots of time spent on Google! Actually, the most fun sort of research was just to walk around Washington Square Park in New York (where some of the book is set) studying the beautiful architectural details of all those 19th century townhouses. I spent a lot of time imagining what the insides of those places looked like and all the parties that must have gone on.
KB: Do you identify with any of your characters?
CM: Definitely with Tamsin. I think a lot of people feel like a bit of an outsider at certain points in their lives. Tamsin also has a habit of comparing herself (unfavorably) to her beautiful and perfect older sister, Rowena,--I have two older sisters so I definitely did some of that while growing up.

KB: What Talent do you wish you possessed?
CM: Oh, good question! I would like to be able to rewind time--just for a few seconds or a few hours or even a day in case I need to redo something. Then again, interfering with time has disastrous results in the book for Tamsin, so maybe that's too dangerous of a Talent to pick.

KB: Can we expect another book about Tamsin? (I’m crossing my fingers here!)
CM: Yes! I'm working on the sequel right now. It's tentatively titled, Always a Witch and features more time travel, spywork, Talents, and of course, some romance!
KB: *does happy dance*

KB: If you had to pick one song (or maybe two) to associate with Once a Witch, what song would it be?
CM: I love Marco Polo by Loreena McKennitt and also Teardrop by Massive Attack. I listened to those on repeat a lot!

KB: And to finish this up, what was your favorite book as a teen?
CM: Such a hard question! If I had to pick one--The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. I still reread it every few years.


Thanks so much for joining us!

Carolyn MacCullough’s latest novel, Once a Witch, goes on sale September 14th. Catch my review here, and make sure to visit the book’s awesome website (with lots of bonus material such as quizzes and the truth about witches) over here.

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  1. Nice interview. I'm seeing a lot of this book, hearing great things. I haven't read this author. I'm glad to hear it's a series, I am a huge fan of series. :)