Prom Queen Geeks

The Queen Geek Social Club strikes again in Preble’s third installment. This time, the club is tackling prom season, after having aptly noticed that prom is only attended by those popular kids who can afford the outrageous ticket cost. So of course, the perfect solution is to hold their own prom, a low-cost Geek Prom. Unfortunately, their independent thinking poses a threat to the popular clique, especially as the Geek Prom begins to show signs of success and is expanding. This simple enough idea turns Green Pines High into territory for war and all the drama that goes with it.

While I was a huge fan of Laura Preble’s first Queen Geeks novel, I must say that I found it challenging to get into this one. Though equal in length to the first two installments, the story becomes repetitive early on and loses the reader’s attention. As well, the extreme expansion of the prom by Shelby and crew seems unrealistic as compared to the adventures and drama in the previous two books, as if they plan on taking over the universe rather than holding a simple high school dance. This being said, Shelby’s voice is as entertaining as ever, leading the reader to share in the life of a geek, even when it means feeling downright uncomfortable. While the end of Prom Queen Geeks resolves the prom tension, the girl fights, and the boy drama, Preble leaves the Queen Geeks open to yet another installment. Hopefully the next time we encounter Shelby, Becca, and friends, their story will have returned to reality, with each character remaining as quirky as ever. 5 out of 10.

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  1. I could barely stand the first, so I've never read this one despite the fact I received it from the publisher.