GoldenGirl: A Bradford Novel

Micol Ostow begins the Bradford series with GoldenGirl, told primarily from the perspective of Spencer. Spencer is essentially an it-girl, along with her best friends Paige and Madison. Even as juniors, the trio rules Bradford Prep, getting everything they want all the time. That is, until California beauty Regan shows up. It turns out that Regan and Paige have a history (one that truly tests Paige’s limits) and it looks like Regan and Spencer’s ex (whose return to Bradford was a surprise in and of itself) have a future. A novel told through the internet, Spencer’s story is one of scandal and secrets that keep the reader plowing through the book.

The Bradford series is complete with a wide selection of web content. From character profiles on myspace and twitter to webpages for the school and hangout places, the realm of Bradford is extended impressively in through this assortment of websites (check out http://www.bradfordnovels.com/ for links). These make the characters come to life in a way they simply couldn’t in the book due to its entirely blog-driven nature. GoldenGirl certainly delves into today’s internet obsession.

For a light read, Ostow’s latest is fun and fast-paced. Rather than taking place in “the city” whether it is NYC or LA, GoldenGirl is set in the suburbs of Philadelphia, specifically the upper-crust Main Line. This helped the book stand out in my mind as compared to other novels. Still, probably because of the title, I immediately made a comparison between GoldenGirl and the Gossip Girl series. GoldenGirl is like a second tier Gossip Girl installment combined with Pretty Little Liars with lighter content for a slightly younger audience. 7 out of 10.

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