Book to Movie: The Frog Princess

So, I'm quite likely one of the last people to hear about this, but still. I'm so excited I have to share. E.D. Baker's The Frog Princess is being adapted into a Disney movie! As a huge fan of animated Disney films (especially the princess ones), I couldn't be more excited. According to Wikipedia the movie is going to be an
"American fairy tale, Broadway-style musical set in the French Quarter of New Orleans."

I can't wait! Granted, it sounds like it's barely based on Baker's book, only using the whole princess-turns-to-frog bit, but that'll be fine with me as long as I make sure not to compare the two. Anyway, the movie is due out around Thanksgiving (NY and LA)/early December (everywhere else). You can find out more information on Wikipedia, IMDB, and of course, the official site. Also, check out the trailer.

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