Feed Your Ears I: Lost It

So, I'm a huge music person. I think reading and music go together deliciously, and I've developed this habit of associating particular songs with books I'm reading. Sometimes they actually make sense to the content, other times the song was just released when I picked up the book, and other times the song just comes up on shuffle and I can't help but play it over and over. So, with all this in mind (well, all this and High Fidelity if I'm being completely honest), I've started to make lists of the top five songs I associate with different books I've read.

To start this off... Lost It by Kristen Tracy

1. Naked Peekaboo - The Academy Is... Feat. Gym Class Heroes

2. I'm Lost Without You - Blink 182

3. Lovefools - the Cardigans

4. Close Your Eyes (Instrumental) - Christopher Beck

5. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - Fall Out Boy

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